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Home Security Evaluation

starting from $99.00

Our security evaluation includes us coming out and inspecting your current hardware, and letting you know our recommendations for improvement if any.

Rekeying or Master Keying

starting at 65.00

Be it commercial or residential, a simple rekeying or a complex master key system, we’ve got you covered. Our techs understand and follow the many rules that are required to do the job correctly and keep you and yours secure.

Hardware Replacement

starting at 95.00

Hardware replacement prices are all over the board, but we would be happy to consult with you and provide an accurate estimate for what it would cost to fix your situation right!

I believe in today’s world it is important to have a strong moral and ethical compass, however, a locksmith’s compass needs to be set dead north without doubt. Our descendants are being affected by the accepted miscalibrations.

Shawn Hammond

Meridian, ID