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Quality Lock & Key

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Our Story

I’m a native Idahoan, that grew up right here in Boise. I have always been told by my parents, that as a child I was curious, and always wanted to know how things worked, so I was constantly taking things apart and putting them back together. I remember enjoying that, but more importantly, I remember how fascinated I was when I took my first lock apart, it was different because I understood exactly how it worked. Fast forward a few years, and I actually made a rudimentary electronic lock for a science fair project! Take a further jump forward to young adulthood, when I found an advertisement for a Correspondence Locksmith Course. I didn’t trust that it was legit, but I started asking around at the local lock shops. to my surprise I actually found one locksmith that told me “I’m not afraid of the competition, but I don’t have any reason to just train you”. He followed up by giving me the name of a different locksmith course and telling me if I was serious enough to take the course, He would answer any questions I had. Needless to say, I took the course! When I completed it, I received a note along with the certification letting me know I had finished it in record time and with some of the highest scores they had seen. At that point, I started doing jobs evenings, and weekends, then kept growing from there.

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Mission & Vision

It is our mission to provide solutions to problems that exceed our customers’ expectations, all while doing our best to protect the environment and find ways to sustain the earth for our younger generations.

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Security Experts

We only employ or work with the best-in-class security experts. Our employees and industry partners are selected very carefully, if they can’t be trusted they will not be found working with or being referred by us.

Shawn Hammond

Founder / CEO / Master Locksmith

Future Employee


Ben Fields

Access Controls Expert